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Sell yourself..........

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How to apply for a new job and to be sure that you'll be hired?

 Most people thinking about change are afraid of rejection, the new position, colleagues ........... and this influence their performance on the interview. If you really have decided that you want any change, you should focus on tight, well structured CV and your meeting with the employer. Hesitation will always exist, but it must be the last thing, so not to take the energy that must be input in key employment factors.

 On the internet you can find thousand examples of CV that will help you to describe your professional experience in a way that will stand out and provide you a call for an interview for sure. And with that the first step of recruiting is over.

 And here we come to the interview. What should you do to excel and reach the final? First and foremost, do not think about the competition! Your thoughts should be directed to the presentation of your strengths, so that you'll become the exact fit. If you do not respond fully or you have weaknesses, you have to convince the interviewer that you are sufficiently proactive, flexible and curious, so after receiving the job, you'll become in a short time the dream employee. Remember that they are people like you who are looking for a person that meets not only the requirements of the position, but also their personalities. Be yourself and do not lie!

 Quite often are used tricks for hiring that play a bad joke. There are things that employers do not want to hear about former ones, because they imagine themselves in this role, but presented in a suitable way, this information will not reduce your chances.

 If you show that you want something and you are good enough, you'll get it!

Work less, achieve more!

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Why the working week should be reduced.............

Have you ever thought what percentage of your working day is busy? How do you feel at the end of the week and to what extent are you productive? Are weekends long enough for rest, additional courses and family? I'm sure that the answer is no!

Most employers want to have fresh, constantly trained employees and if it is possible to work around the clock. The simplest logic would show you that this can not happen. Just calculate the operating time, additional hours, holiday, family, courses .......you need to add more days in a month, right :)

It is not important the time spent at the office, but the volume of well done work and the protection of your health!

Inspiration for Business and Chocolate for Stress...........

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How many of you has been drowning on your workplace? How many of you has been working with people buried their heads like ostriches and refuse to accept that some jobs are complete hell and they suffer just because of living ................. Do you feel well in such a place? Are you using the full capacity or just go with the thought of the end of the day? Are you getting the necessary feedback for your performance or you are run by managers who are robotic and their attention is limited to compliance with the procedures and do not care what happens around them? Do you wake up in the morning with a smile and look forward to your morning coffee, while reading your e-mails or the thought for the morning alarm makes you sick and you are up all night? If all this happens you need to change your environment or ask for adequate treatment. Life should not be waiting for retirement, but happiness and fun.

Another important to you is the policy of the particular corporation. Such kind of jobs are often constrained in terms of changes in time, paralyze your development and your career goes down. You have to be strong enough, creative and assertive to survive in such a place and most importantly to achieve your goals. Otherwise, not worth the lost time!

If you are open-minded person, such workplace will suffocate you and can lead to stress, depression ................ Do you like to think out of the box, to violate rules related to hierarchy in the name of a well done job, to assert your opinion to top management, taking the risk to incur someone's wrath ...................? If your decisions are correct and contribute to excellent work, you are ready leaders, managers, future business owners or just need to change the place and find your dream job.

Are you bored of colleagues who repeat the importance of every single detail? I'm sure the things are important, but this constant repeating and overvalue are sometimes a sign of oiliness and not interest in the job as whole. There are people who are interested in the big picture and nagging about putting dots and commas only irritates them and immersed.

The mode of transmission of information is also very important, especially for people with a lot of skills and knowledge, and experience on different positions. These people sometimes need time to switch and you must be patient with them because of their complex thinking. Those who have less knowledge, do not delay, sometimes act more quickly, but it does not mean that they have a better performance and the results of their work are the desired ones. Because of their limited knowledge, it is much easier for mistake to be made and they would not even realize, until the other person in a similar situation will analyze it and find out where the problem is and then fix it. Secon type should not be explained how to write an e-mail and how to format in Word, but what is the purpose of the given work, the hierarchy of the company ................

There are people working with different types of software or knowing several languages. Such a person does not think like someone who is limited in excel, for example.

All this is based on personal experience and I hope it would be useful for people undergoing the written above and who are willing to surrender and do not lose faith in themselves.

We are all different, communicate efficiently with different types of people, perceive differently and must seek the best for ourselves or we'll waste our time without knowing what we could be.

Time for yourself

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The disease of today is stress. We live in a high tech world, which requires complex thinking and continuous acquisition of diverse knowledge. This makes us very flexible and competitive, but also leads to mental and physical overload.


Each of us has to think not only about our financial security, but also for our emotional state. And here come various spa treatments, sports, reading, attending courses, better sleep and generally activities connected to anything, but work.


Yet, the topic is a spa and wellness, so let's stick to it. To be able to remember and think, we need to be able to relax and free from burdensome thoughts, that act as a bug and impede the normal functioning of our mental activity. The body is a machine which, if not maintained properly, is amortized very quickly. Do not wait to be exhausted to such an extent, as to go to hospital or maintain your normal condition with pills. This is extremely wrong and sometimes costs the money, which you work for. Hot tub, massage or just some time spent in a paradise place, will help for your overall recovery and will return you to your normal functioning.

Live your life! Nobody else will do it for you!

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Have you ever wondered why there are so bitter, unhappy and stressed people? The answer is very simple, you do not do what you like or you are not with the people who you love. Everyone has fallen into this trap and the only way to get out is to change your way of thinking. I am sure that what I am writing might sound trivial, frivolous or unrealistic, but the truth is that it is completely achievable and all you have to do is to isolate the social undermining and begin to build your life according to your skills, perceptions and needs.

The world has developed rules that should be kept and most people without a purpose in life follow others without considering whether these rules are correct and if they are, whether they are respected. If you value yourself and your life, you should not follow all of them and build your own world that makes you proud of yourself and wakes you up with a smile which is a result of your achievements and eager to see what's next.

For most people, life has the following schedule: school, university, marriage, children and all these at certain ages, and if everything goes according to the plan it would be perfect, but it happens only when you are in the right place with the right people. In your efforts to be liked by everyone else and to cover all the requirements in time, you can be lost and one day to wake up with a smile faded, lost dreams and tracking foreign successes. So at any monent in your lives, you have to ask whether this is what you are looking for and that will not make you regret it.

Do you like to get up early? Do you drink your coffee with pleasure while viewing your favorite topics and smiling at the rising sun? Do you go with pleasure at the office? If so, you are definitely happy and should continue in this direction, but if the thought of this work, colleagues or any other activities associated with this job exhausts you mentally, it's time to think about what you actually do. We live in a dynamic time, offering countless opportunities and what stops most people is the fear of change.

Make up your mind, consider yourself where, when and how you feel comfortable and act. By nature, people are selfish and no one will choose to build your happiness instead of his/her own!