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Gesture Control...

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Sell yourself..........

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How to apply for a new job and to be sure that you'll be hired?

 Most people thinking about change are afraid of rejection, the new position, colleagues ........... and this influence their performance on the interview. If you really have decided that you want any change, you should focus on tight, well structured CV and your meeting with the employer. Hesitation...

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Work less, achieve more!

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Why the working week should be reduced.............

Have you ever thought what percentage of your working day is busy? How do you feel at the end of the week and to what extent are you productive? Are weekends long enough for rest, additional courses and family? I'm sure that the answer is no!

Most employers want to have fresh, constantly trained employees and if it is possible to work around the clock. The simplest logic would show you that this can not happen. Just calculate the...

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Inspiration for Business and Chocolate for Stress...........

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How many of you has been drowning on your workplace? How many of you has been working with people buried their heads like ostriches and refuse to accept that some jobs are complete hell and they suffer just because of living ................. Do you feel well in such a place? Are you using the full capacity or just go with the thought of the end of the day? Are you getting th...

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Time for yourself

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The disease of today is stress. We live in a high tech world, which requires complex thinking and continuous acquisition of diverse knowledge. This makes us very flexible and competitive, but also leads to mental and physical overload.


Each of us has to think not only about our financial security, but also for our emotional state. And here come various spa treatments, sports, reading, attending courses, better sleep and generally activities connected to anything, but work.

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Live your life! Nobody else will do it for you!

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Have you ever wondered why there are so bitter, unhappy and stressed people? The answer is very simple, you do not do what you like or you are not with the people who you love. Everyone has fallen into this trap and the only way to get out is to change your way of thinking. I am sure that what I am writing might sound trivial, frivolous or unrealistic, but ...

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