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Posted by [email protected] on October 15, 2014 at 4:00 PM

How to apply for a new job and to be sure that you'll be hired?

 Most people thinking about change are afraid of rejection, the new position, colleagues ........... and this influence their performance on the interview. If you really have decided that you want any change, you should focus on tight, well structured CV and your meeting with the employer. Hesitation will always exist, but it must be the last thing, so not to take the energy that must be input in key employment factors.

 On the internet you can find thousand examples of CV that will help you to describe your professional experience in a way that will stand out and provide you a call for an interview for sure. And with that the first step of recruiting is over.

 And here we come to the interview. What should you do to excel and reach the final? First and foremost, do not think about the competition! Your thoughts should be directed to the presentation of your strengths, so that you'll become the exact fit. If you do not respond fully or you have weaknesses, you have to convince the interviewer that you are sufficiently proactive, flexible and curious, so after receiving the job, you'll become in a short time the dream employee. Remember that they are people like you who are looking for a person that meets not only the requirements of the position, but also their personalities. Be yourself and do not lie!

 Quite often are used tricks for hiring that play a bad joke. There are things that employers do not want to hear about former ones, because they imagine themselves in this role, but presented in a suitable way, this information will not reduce your chances.

 If you show that you want something and you are good enough, you'll get it!

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